Legend has it that KDPB was formed in 1977 and had its first public appearance in 1978.

The band first appeared in public on 10th March 1978.
Back row:  Willie Young, Phillip Hayes, Sharon Hayes, Michelle Hardman,
Lindsay Johnston, William Grimes, Edith Kirkwood.
Front row:  Carolyn Gordon, Terry Weaver, Ivor Moulds, Scott Clingan, Douglas Kirkwood,
Jennifer Gordon, Sheona Gordon, Lynne Cairns.


We wear the MacDonald of Clanranald tartan - a sample is across the top of this screen.


The band’s 21st birthday was celebrated with a party on 19th July 1997 – we are looking forward to our 35th bash in 2012!

Over the years KDPB has participated in many events in Western Australia and overseas, including weddings, shows, Christmas pageants and Anzac Day parades at Pickering Brook, Gingin, York, Midland, Perth city, Mundaring and of course, Kalamunda. 


KDPB formed part of the massed pipe band which paraded through
the streets of York on 1st October 1984.


British Classic Car Club, Gingin, May 1990.
Back row:  Willie Young, Ben Campbell, Brendon Sweet, Melanie Glen,
Stuart Cooper, Ray Johnson, Allan Perry.
Centre Row:  Rob Thomas, Matthew Kennywell, Nicol Glasgow, Penny Robins,
Kathy Longhurst, Dave Hart, Danni Begley, Douglas Kirkwood.
Front row:  Kyara Sweet, Angela Lim, Elaine Kow, Troy Slocombe,
Vincent Hailand, Michelle Truswell, Natasha Galus, Tamryn Longhurst.


Ray Johnson led the band during a parade in Kalamunda, 10 December 1991.


A special practice session on 5th December 1993 in the Gooseberry Hill Hall.
Back row: Willie Young, Mathew Kenneywell, S. Cooper, Jason Graefling,
Jeff Harrison, Chris Hannah, Brendon Sweet, P. Hart, Charlene Kolb, Ray Johnson.
Front row:  Lara Kolb, William Scott, Tracy Scott, Prabakhar Sweet, Kiara Sweet, Angela Lim, ???, Elaine Koh.


Morag Arthur led the band for the Anzac Day Parade in Kalamunda, 21st April 1996.


Competitions have also featured in the band’s repertoire throughout the years.

State championships, 31st March 1996 at Joondalup.
Back row:  Charlene Kolb, Willie Young, Brendon Sweet, Mathew Willix,
Nicola Lenane, Alan Sproson, Dave Hart.
Front row:  Chris Hannah, Tracy Scott, Morag Arthur, Kirsty Arthur, Cathy Della-Bosca.


In 2010 a group of 4 pipers, a tenor drummer and 2 flag carriers had a great time at the PipeFest parade in Edinburgh, Scotland, and raised over $3000 for cancer charities as their contribution to PipeFest’s great cause.  Click here to see us marching down the Royal Mile along with the Atlantic Watch and Wick pipe bands, and click here to see the 5 band members really gein' it laldy amongst the massed band at the end of the day.  (Thanks to those folk who so generously shared their videos with everyone via YouTube.)

KDPB was represented in the PipeFest parade, Edinburgh, 6 August 2010,
by Sue McNaughtan, Ann Hart, Dave Hart, Tom McNaughtan,
Alan Sproson, Eric Mitchell and Helen McComish.




In 2013 the band won the D grade section at the Fremantle State Championships






In 2016 waistcoats made an appearence to the uniform



Toni Clark,Eric Mitchell, Adam Round, Paul Skipworth, David Dever, Ron Thom, Matt Willix, Hamish Brown, Suzie, Maureen Dever, Barbara Hughes, Gareth Brown (absent Aidan Dever)